Robert: Jack is really doing very well for a “pup”. He loves to go hunting and as you know has a ton of energy and get up and go, but he listens well and is easy to “bring back” when needed.  He is also great at the “retrieve” far or near and brings the bird back all the way to you without coaxing.  Annie will bring the bird all the way back when she “wants to”!!! He is getting the idea of “hunt dead” although lately he has seen all his birds fall and have not had to work on that. We will work the “preserve” birds, chukar mostly and some pheasant and then we will plan another long trip to Texas and Utah in February and March for more bobwhite and pheasant. You and Paul Ober would be pleased with his progress. I know I am. He and Annie are very easy dogs to hunt, with very few commands, great companions in and out of the field, they travel well and hunt well.  I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Jack will be coming back to you in May for “Summer School-Part 2”. In the mean time I hope all is well with you and yours and Happy Holidays to all. Michael Elliott


Hi Robert,
I have been meaning to write you an email now for a very long time. Fall has again reminded me of that. Just a quick note to tell you that Suzy has turned out the be the best hunting dog I could have ever hopped. She is still going strong now probably near 6. I have recently finally found a hunt club to join so she will be sure to get a lot of action this fall.
Thanks again for everything and continued success.
Bob Hickey


Finally got Lydia out hunting 2 weeks ago. She was outstanding and performed head and shoulders over my hunting buddy’s setter. Now thinking about a companion for Lydia. Sent Paul an email asking if he had a twin of Lydia. Waiting for his reply. Sorry we had a miscommunication. You did a great job with Lydia.

All the best for the new year,

Gary Wolkwitz


I have most recently purchased/received my second Celtic Kennels Red Setter-“Jack”-puppy to go along with my 4 year old female “Annie”-whom I have hunted with across the country at Primland and Greystone Castle and Wildcat Creek for starters and here in AZ under all kind of conditions-Mr. Ober at Celtic and Mr. Robert Ecker at Midnight Kennels make a fine team and choice if one wants a very good foot hunting gun dog. I can recommend both of them without reservation. Mr. Ober to breed and Mr. Ecker to train-you won’t find a better quality “program” anywhere. I look forward to having “Jack” join “Annie” and I in the field.             Michael D. Elliott


Robert(with a copy to Paul Ober):

I hope you have had a good season down in N.C. and that this finds you and your family well.  In fact you may be back in Quakake by now but it still looks a little “cool” back in PA in the paper at least. Miss Annie has had a good “first season” out here.  We should be able “shoot” released birds into the first two weeks of April so still a little more time left to enjoy watching her “work”.  I have shot about 110 to 120 Chukar and Pheasant (mostly chukar) over her this first season.  This has been “preserve” hunting but with varied topography, alfalfa fields, pasture like fields, and high desert, with strong flight characteristics in the birds.   Her “nose’ and ability to find birds is remarkable.   She doesn’t care what kind of weather, field, cactus,or rocks.   She just loves to go hunt.   She tried to catch her first Jack-rabbit the other day-gave up with some “encouragement” from me and figuring out that he was faster than she was!!   She has improved nicely with the “retrieve” but still room for improvement.  The difficult retrieves ie: winged/wounded birds in the middle of a cactus patch or irrigation ditch or running like “hell” she is almost “field trial” perfect, but shoot a bird dead that drops 20 yards in front of her and she goes to it, picks it up and then drops it half way back to you and looks at you like “too easy-you shot it -you get it”!!!  So with the season about to end we will work on the retrieve to hand and steady to wing and shot over the summer when we can.  She has been a pleasure to hunt with and share my time with this year.  As I said before, the good basics that you gave to her and the good breeding from Celtic Farms and Paul Ober have made for a very “fun” foot-hunting gun-dog experience for me.  Thanks again, and I’ll keep in touch with her progress.

Michael Elliott



Had “Annie” out to chase some “chukar’s” this am-she was 5 for 5 and didn’t even think of breaking point-we still have some work to do on the retrieve as yet-she thinks they are hers to keep!!! But all in all she did a great job-I am enjoying this “pup” very much-she’s a joy to be out in the field with-in fact the she is just a real pleasure to have around and to have as a “hunting buddy”- she travels very well too-you have done a great job in giving her the “basics” for me to work with-and her breeding form Paul Ober at Celtic farms hasn’t hurt her either-which reminds me I owe him a “picture” since she is now a year old- I will try to get one next time out this next weekend and I will send a copy along to you too-thanks again for a job well done-I see your weather has turned a bit “cool” and you will be heading to N.C. soon I’m sure.It was 81 degrees this afternoon here! I will keep in touch with Annie’s progress and get a hold of you if any problems arise. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Michael Elliott