Trainer’s Report Summer 2010

Summer 2010 in Pennsylvania so far can be described in a word.  That word is HOT.  It has been hard getting all the dogs worked, but myself, Art Bruno, Ron Neifert and our newest staff member, Lisa Price, have been getting it done!  Several young dogs are impressing us with stylish birdwork- coming derbies, Attitudes White Ash  , owned by Scott Turner and David Boone,  Lookout’s Primetime, owned by J.R. Williams,  Hold’em Molly, owned by Larry Craig and a setter named Ace’s Wired owned by Dennis Beauford look to be outstanding prospects.  We have had several visitors to the kennel this summer including Paul Ober of Celtic red setters,  Pedrag Kazic and Chris Rarich both from the empire state, and Rich Warters from north Carolina along with the Romeo family also from the tarheel state.  Our summer wild bird training will commence on or about the first of August.  We again this summer will be fortunate to have access to the Murphy farm which has a ample supply of grouse and woodcock.   Our game plan is to have about a dozen coverdogs ready for the fall season with a lengthy trip to Michigan for the three coverdog championships. Hope everyone has a productive and safe summer as we look forward to the first trials.   Good luck to all.


Robert J. Ecker Jr.

Midnight Kennel

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